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How Can Digital Signage in Shopping Malls Improve the Ambience?

We all go to the shopping mall at least once a week. What attracts you the most there? The stores, the lightning, the interior, or the open space? Well, it’s the combination of all that, that makes your experience better whenever you enter the mall premises. The most modern malls are updated with new technology. It’s not difficult for them to create an excellent experience for the public who want to enjoy the shopping destination. But not all malls have new updates built in. Instead, they’re looking to leverage technology to digitalise their spaces and improve the ambience.  Digital Signage in shopping malls is the most attractive way to enhance the mall’s overall environment. From just housing the retail merchants to food courts, shopping malls have evolved into a full-fledged entertainment complex featuring large screens for cinemas, amusement parks, gymnastics, swimming pools, kids playing sections, and so many others. In order to attract the audience from every nook and cranny and convert them into customers, digital signage has proved to be the innovative technology they need.

Digital Signage- Introduction

You know all those large screens you see in the shopping malls, from entry to parking, stores walls and exits, with fast-moving and engaging content? This is what Digital Signage is. 

Digital Signage in shopping malls is the easiest, fastest and most effective communication medium that eases your shopping and walking through the facility. 

According to the studies, 8 out of 10 people enter the shopping mall just because digital signage attracts them. Over 40% of shoppers say digital signage in shopping mall impacts their buying decision by displaying relevant information at the purchasing points. Alenka Media offers engaging Digital Signage solutions for retail stores and shopping malls helping your business with increased customer engagement and sales.

Digital Signage in Shopping Malls- Ideas To Improve Branding and Environment

Now that it’s pretty clear that digital signage in shopping mall creates an appealing environment, let’s talk about the best possible ways to install digital signage in shopping malls. You need well set up screens with clear images, texts, and videos. As it’s the most powerful way to showcase your content, advertise your brand and display your stories, you should be a little strategic so you use digital signages at their utmost potential. Luckily we have got some ideas on what to show on digital signage in shopping mall. 

Display Social Media Pages

Do you have a good number of followers on social media? If you’re proud of your followers, let’s boast about them out loud. What about showing your client reviews on a bigger screen? Sounds good? That’s where digital signage can help. 

Social media is a great way to bring your customers back, get their feedback, new ideas and perceptions. Also, it will remind customers to follow you and, of course, increase your online traffic. 

Digital signage in shopping malls takes advantage of social media to improve customer engagement and increase the chances of expanding your clientele. 

Some of the social media apps you can use to build pages and display on digital signage include:

  • Facebook- Social Feeds
  • Instagram- Gallery 
  • Twitter-Timeline

Social media dashboards can also help you showcase your activeness, engagement, and popularity.

Showcase Your Products on Digital Signage in Shopping Malls

The benefits of digital signage in shopping malls are beyond entertaining and educating customers. They don’t just create an immersive experience but also aid branding. If you have some trending products, services or retail partners, you can use digital signage in the shopping mall to display them and introduce them to potential buyers.

Strong visuals can significantly affect purchasing, resulting in increased sales, engagement and improving the overall digital presence.

Image Galleries

Visuals are one of the best ways to grab audience attention in seconds. If you have interactive visuals of events and promotions and want to broadcast them to your new audience, digital signage in your shopping mall is the best way. 

Images essentially speak louder than words. Hence, galleries will always allow your brand to offer a much better insight to your audience.

Notice, Health and Safety Measure

As big screens can reach a large audience quickly, digital signage in shopping malls is the best way to grab people’s attention and alert them. With digital signage, you can update your customers with new launches, parking norms, and even health & safety measures in seconds. 

If you want to keep your customers updated all the time and provide them hassle-free experience, digital signage is the quickest and most effective platform to notify.


If you want to improve the customer’s experience, start with navigating your customers throughout the way in the mall. It would be a great way to put your faith in them. 

As shopping malls are huge, it is difficult for the customer for the first time to find the exact store that they are looking for, displaying the map on the digital signage in shopping malls will save their time.

Digital Signage is a Great Way to Improve Customer Experience. Let’s Start!

The truth is, digital signage is technology that facilitates advertisements, eases shopping, and compellingly provides information. Hence, it is best to always stay updated with the top trends in digital signage to reap the best results. When it comes to digital signage in shopping malls, there are numerous options to craft your content to make it perfect for audience views. We, at Alenka Media, would love to get it started for you at the best prices. 

If you have content that can be shown on digital signage in shopping malls perfectly, partner with Alenka Media. We get your ideas displayed beautifully on the large screen, where you will get thousands of views in a quick turnaround time. 

Whether it is an LED video wall, a digital menu board or a shelf mounted tablet, we will take your message to the right audience and convert them into customers with our know-how. We provide digital signage designed to reflect your personality and unique business traits. Are you ready? Partner with us now!

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