Do you have content that shows off your business perfectly? We can pair that with the right digital signage in order to help your customers engage with your brand. Whether it’s an LED video wall, a digital menu board or a shelf mounted tablet, we take your message to your customers right where they can see it. Increased customer awareness means increased revenues per store.

Benefits and Features

  • Customise content by region, city, locality, store and even screen
  • Promote products specific to each outlet
  • Target the right audience at the right time
  • Update content instantly to introduce new products and promotions
  • Cross promote complementary products
  • Reduce staff time spent with customers and increase productivity
  • Simplify the shopping experience through visual conversation
  • Playlist scheduling and management
  • Multi campaign management
  • Video, images, text and more all on the same screen
  • Social components including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook
  • Weather, Stocks, News, Clock
  • HTML5 / Web Components

Retail Stores

Alenka’s addressable screen technology lets brands create a customised digital signage network in each store by using original content, brand promotions, advertising and information. Our network powers everything from LED video walls, to TV screens and on-shelf tablets. Changes in content and messaging can be made as often as you like.

Shopping Centres and Malls

With Alenka’s digital signage solutions, shopping centres can target customers in every part of the property with directed offers and promotions. Drive traffic to partner outlets, direct shoppers to dining options or preview what’s playing at the movie theatres. We help enhance the shopping experience for your customers and your retail partners.


Alenka’s hotel clients use digital signage and interactive kiosks to convey information to guests across every corner of the property, from lobbies to restaurants. Meeting room screens automatically update what’s happening in your conference rooms and banquet areas. Reduce the time your staff takes in answering guest queries, increasing efficiency.


Digital menu boards and tablets allow our clients to change items and offers in real time, for entire restaurant chains or even at a single location or on a single screen. Apart from sales uplift, customers experience reduced wait times, and faster sales. The result? A double-digit growth in sales per outlet.