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Retail. Hospitality. Beyond.

We’ve been providing in store radio and background music for shops, malls, gyms, spas, hotels, restaurants and bars for 20 years. We’ve created branded customer experiences in soundscaping and digital signage solutions through content, unique programming, messaging and technology.

Technology that does the talking.

You can customise what you play for different countries, cities, store formats and individual outlets. With digital signage, we can customise the content delivered for each and every screen in your premises, providing visual reinforcement where it’s needed – on the shelf or even right next to the product itself. Our cloud based technology means you don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time; a huge saving in bandwidth costs. Switch it on once, and then forget about it. Let your staff focus on sales, not sight and sound.

What We Can Do For You


We work in partnership with our clients to create an audio and video experience that’s unique to each one, immersing consumers in your brand’s identity. And since we can customise that identity for each individual location and screen, you can be sure it’s always the right communication that reaches them.


Whether it’s customized music and video channels or in-store messaging, we can help you develop your brand building strategy.

Campaign Effectiveness

Business intelligence helps retailers monitor and measure customer behaviour to optimize sales strategy. With Alenka’s reporting capabilities, retailers can use big data to measure customers’ response to content and its impact on sales to generate business insights.

Sensory Sight and Sound

Whether it’s one location or one thousand, our platform lets you create a unique identity for each one. Our background music and digital signage solutions provide customised content delivery, with dayparts that create the right mood every day of the week.

Music Services

We create unique playlists that cater to your specific music requirements, so you never sound the same as the place next door. For global brands, it’s the perfect background music and in-store radio solution.

What We Do 


Digital Signage Services

Our digital signage services engage customers with your content, encouraging spends through a distinctive visual experience.

Digital Signage

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