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Why Digital Signage for Retail Stores Is Must In 2023

During the pandemic, people started preferring to shop from the security of their homes, avoiding having to leave their homes. But with customers venturing out now, retailers are using innovative technologies like interactive digital signage displays to provide an enriching experience and encourage them back into stores. Digital signage in recent years has become essential to the working of retail stores and marts. It appeals to the customers and improves the instore marketing experience.

1. For Advertising, Launching and Promoting Products and General Announcements

Digital signage works as a marketing channel and keeps customers informed and updated on the launch of new products, their promotion and offers on them. It can also display the availability of a particular product and if it’s out of stock. That’s better than having to post staff members at various aisles and risk breaking social distancing norms.

2. Improving Communication with Customers

Digital signage for retail stores helps improve communication and the instore customer experience. It can be used to guide customers through product aisles and at the same time display the list of product catalogues. Digital signage can also be used to inform customers about occupancy levels at different aisles for managing the flow of customers. It will reduce overcrowding in aisles that is so necessary to maintain social distancing.

3. Support Staff through Interactive Digital Displays

Interactive digital signage can engage customers and provide necessary information at the touch of a finger tip or through voice commands. Digital signage can be set up so that it provides general answers about a product or brand to customers. For specialized information, it can connect to a staff member. In this way, digital signage provides a virtual satisfying customer experience without any face to face interaction. It saves on staff resources as well as helping with social distancing.

4. Educate the Customers and Generate Revenue

Continuing on the above theme, digital signage for retail stores can display videos and instructions on how to operate a product or make the best use of it. It incentivizes customers to make a purchase when they learn how to operate a product and the benefits offered by a particular product.

Digital signage can also inform customers about complementary products and increase opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. This increases sales, generates higher revenue and also enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

5. Brand Awareness and Recall Value

Digital signage can play interesting information and engaging videos related to the instore or other brands you want to promote. Storytelling has more recall value than quoting or listing facts & figures. Through digital signage you can communicate the brand identity and generate higher recall value. Customers patronize brands they remember.

6. Attract Passersby to the Store

This is the age old requirement of a retail business. It needs to entice passersby into the store to convert them into customers. It has become much more important in the current scenario when people tend to avoid visiting public places. Install digital signage for retail stores in strategic locations near the store’s vicinity and display your most sold products and the safety features and precautions you employ for wellbeing and safety of your customers. All these steps nudge the customers and passersby to visit your store and make purchases.

7. Personalized Service

Digital signage today uses enhanced algorithms, video analytics and data to offer personalized service to the customers. It can serve dynamic promotional content by analyzing the relevant data like demographics, gender, prior purchase details. Based on these details It can also display the recommended products to the customers.

8. Use at POS Terminals

Use digital signage for retail stores at POS terminals for influencing last minute purchasing decisions. Studies show that 70% of the purchasing decisions are made at POS terminals. By displaying compelling ads at checkout counters, you can influence customers to add more products in their carts and increase your sales.

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