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How In-store Audio Messaging can Help Ease Customers Back into the Retail Environment

Nearly 2 years into the corona pandemic we are slowly limping back to normalcy. Cafes and restaurants are back in business, movie theatres are reopening and malls are witnessing customers again. But with the regained freedom of movement and social interaction, there is a feeling of apprehension too. These feelings are more pronounced in the case of establishments that record greater footfalls, like malls and retail stores. Most of us are still not sure of what to do, like social minimum distancing, and what to touch. In-store audio messaging can help a great deal in easing the customers into the ‘new normal’ retail environment. So, what are the benefits of in-store background messaging in helping retail customers in a mid and post-pandemic world? 

How In-store Audio Messaging can Help Retailers and Customers

The In-Store audio service can help retailers reopen to the public by airing clear and direct communication in real-time to the audience. In-store background messaging is the primary mean of communication in the store. It is a versatile and easily adaptable medium. The messages and announcements relayed through it reach everybody in the store including staff and customers. They can inform them of the new safety regulations in the store and also assist in creating a welcoming and relaxed environment. 

Ways in which Audio-Messaging in Retail Stores Helps Retailers and Customers

What are the benefits of in-store background messaging? Let’s look into some ways in-store background messaging helps all the stakeholders. 

  • Through Background Music

Music is a universal language. It inspires and moves people and can be used to convey various moods and emotions. Music helped a lot of people during the pandemic phase. People were cooped inside with so many doubts and fears. Music helped them cope with the situation and lift their spirits. Playing the right background music in retail stores will create a relaxed and reassuring atmosphere. It will set the right mood and help relieve the tension and induce customers to spend more time in the stores. More time spent browsing leads to more sales, which is a win-win proposition for both customers and retailers. 

  • Through Messages & Announcements

In-store background messaging is the backbone on which retailers can build their businesses back to former levels. Create and relay regular, effective, and timely messages and announcements aimed at both staff and customers. Inform customers of the steps undertaken for their safety and security and what instructions they need to follow for their protection. Instruct staff members on the rules and regulations and remind them regularly of preventive steps like sanitization, compliance of wearing masks, and required distance to be maintained by all. 

Let’s look into how in-store messaging should be directed specifically at customers and staff members.

  1. In-store Audio Messaging Directed at Customers

In-store messaging should reassure customers and maintain a welcoming environment for shopping. For this purpose, the messages should be formulated in the following two ways. 

  • Informative Messages

Customers should be informed about the measures taken by the retailers for the safety of the premises and the protection of customers. These include mentioning safety devices & personnel and protection and preventive measures like regular sanitation and compulsory compliance procedures like wearing a mask at all times. 

Inform consumers about the additional services provided by the stores for a safe shopping experience. These include options such as home delivery, online shopping, cashless payments, etc. 

  • Emotional Messages

Emotional messages create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for the consumers. These messages connect emotionally with the customers and they form a personal connection with the brand and view it favourably. 

The messages should include sentences like ‘welcome back’ and ‘thank you for returning’. 

Apology messages for minor hassles due to safety measures like forming of queues, social distancing measures, and limited availability of certain items like sanitizers, etc. 

  1. In-store Audio Messages Directed at Staff Members

Message staff members at opening and closing times to maintain discipline and a calm and welcoming environment.

Regular messages about the guidelines and protocols to be followed at all times by the employees.

Information about the measures undertaken by the stores which ensure staff wellbeing and safety within the store premises. 


What are the benefits of in-store background messaging in helping retailers and customers in today’s scenario? Correctly formulated and targeted audio messages help convey the necessary information which reassures visiting customers. This helps customers transition back to the shopping environment in a better way by lowering stress levels generated due to still lingering pandemic-related fears. This in turn induces customers to shop more with increased footfalls which translates into higher revenue generation and more profits for the retailers. 

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