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Guidelines For Creating Great Digital Signage Content

Great digital signage content is essential to create effective signage solutions. It doesn’t matter if you have the best hardware or software. Without good content your digital signage solutions won’t have the desired effect on the target audience. Good content will give you great returns and results on your decided goals. Here are some tips to create effective digital signage content.

1. Keep it Simple so Everyone Understands It

Your digital signage content should be clean and easy to understand. Don’t overcomplicate your message. Keep a simple color scheme. It should be well contrasted and optimized so it can be viewed by human eyes. Have a dark background with light text or vice versa. Use fonts that are easy to read. When displayed, the signage should be visible clearly from close quarters and also from afar.

2. Use Engaging Graphics and Designs

Use high quality graphics in your digital signage content to engage your target audience. Use audio visual aids and videos to make the content interesting. If possible, make it more interactive and fit the content around how your products and services will benefit the audience.

3. Scrutinize and Make Necessary Edits

For digital signage content to be effective and appealing to the audience it should have the correct format, grammar and syntax. An unfortunate error can ruin the content and even make the brand a laughing stock. There have been instances when good advertisements were ruined as they weren’t properly proofread and edited. Also, in this world of political correctness check and scrutinize your content up ahead, before it’s displayed for public consumption, so that it hits only the right buttons.

4. Fit the Content as Per the Occasion and Location

Your digital signage content should be rotated regularly to suit the occasion. For a diner, the morning digital display should feature a breakfast menu, that automatically changes to the lunch menu at noon. Location also matters. Digital displays for FMCG goods should be installed with locations having high footfalls while a college location could be used to advertise trendy apparel. Also regularly check the displays and make changes suited to occasions and events like festivals, sporting events, etc.

5. Should Include Calls to Action

For any advertising or marketing activity, add calls to action to nudge the audience towards the desired action. It can be what to buy, where to buy, or a variety of other actions. Use an action verb at the start of call to action to demonstrate the sense of urgency to the message so that the targeted audience acts on it quickly.

6. Integrate with Social Media

Integrate your digital signage content with your organization’s social media profiles. An individual spends more than 2 hours every day on social media platforms. It’s an essential part of people’s lives and is still growing. Digital signage can be used as a hook to entice audience to visit your websites or social media handles to view engaging content. Use a call to action in your content to achieve this. Use streaming platforms like YouTube as a continuation of your digital signage strategy. The options are limitless.


Great content is essential to create effective digital signage solutions. Without great content it will feel like travelling in a rudderless ship that has no aim and direction. Use the pointers above to create great digital signage content and reach your target audience.

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