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8 Reasons Digital Signage for Hotels is a Game Changer

The hospitality industry is embracing digital signage as it aligns with their core competency of customer service. First impressions count a lot and digital signage helps hotels win the trust of their guests and form a long-term relationship with them. Digital signage makes your establishment more accessible and provides more value. Signage can be utilized throughout the hotel premises whether it’s reception, cafes, guest rooms or lobbies. There are numerous benefits and advantages of using digital signage in hotel industry.

1. For Automated Check in

Digital signage can be of immense help during rush hours and when there are long queues. Screens can be rigged as automated check ins. The process can be completed in seconds saving both the customers and receptionists time. When there are no queues, these screens can revert to their original purpose.

2. Reviews & Testimonials

Use digital signage at the reception or welcome desk to your advantage. Display customer reviews and testimonials left by prior guests. You can also collect reviews from social media and review sites like Facebook, Yelp and Google reviews. You can also add a QR code to your review display. Visiting guests can share their reviews and experiences there. Positive reviews contribute a lot to generate new customers by building trust and reliability of a business.

3. Display Special Offers

Digital signage for hotels is used to display special offers and discounts that you are currently offering. For example, offering lifetime memberships, room upgrades, combo offers, restaurant coupons and other discounts. These are easily noticed and customers will eagerly take up on the offers.

4. For Relaying Important Announcements

Use digital signage to display information and important announcements to your guests. It will help reduce the workload of your staff members which can be utilized better in a busy hotel environment. You can display weather forecasts for the day and week, and other announcements. You can also notify personalized information directly to a hotel room without having to call or knock personally on every door.

5. Flight & Travel Information

Use digital signage for hotels to display important travel information for guests. Display flight updates, train arrival and departure times, information about bus stations and other travel related information. It will help your guests plan accordingly. This improves the overall customer experience that helps retain and acquire more guests.

6. Property, Facility and Services Highlights

Use digital signage to inform the guests about the different services and facilities you provide. Display information with images and video content to highlight amenities like spas, pools, conference rooms, restaurants, and banquet hall services you offer. It prompts and nudges your guests to use them.

7. For Wayfinding

Guests may want to explore the city and the attractions it offers. Digital signage for hotels can display self-help directories and maps to provide relevant information to the customers. Display the places to visit, opening and closing times of attractions like museums, ATM locations, and other important information. These displays can be installed at all strategic locations like reception, lobbies and hallways. You can also display the internal map of the facility in case a guest gets lost.

8. For Displaying Wall art

Use digital signage to display attractive wall art in your establishment. Digital art is flexible which means you can change it periodically as per the tourist season. It also gives the illusion of a bigger space. Use digital signage to create the specific kind of ambience and setting for different locations. For example, a bar and a conference room will have a different ambience. A banquet hall booked for a meeting will have a distinct ambience than when it is used for a wedding function. You can easily change the displays depending on the occasion to fit the environment required and it does not cost anything.


So, these are some of the effective ways digital signage for hotels can be used to provide guests with the ultimate hospitality experience. A good digital signage strategy will engage and impress guests and help grow your hotel business.

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