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6 Benefits of Digital Signage for Restaurants

Restaurants and food chains have welcomed and embraced digital signage. It has become a necessary part of restaurant displays, taking over traditional menu cards. Digital signage is aesthetically appealing and with its bright displays of delicious food items it’s also more attractive to customers.

1. Digital Signage for Restaurants Increases Visibility and Makes Communication Easier

Digital signage grabs attention easily with colorful animations, videos and entertaining content. These are eye catching and increase visibility. Restaurants can share images of dishes outside the restaurant premises to attract passersby.

By displaying the menu on signage boards along with other details like pricing or vacant tables, you can make communication easier between customers and the staff members. You can also highlight the day’s specials and other menu items that may influence the customer’s choices of food items. Waiters and other service personnel can also be notified of orders from the kitchen, reducing the waiting time to serve customers and increasing efficiency.

2. Save Time & Money Through Easy Display Updating

Save time and money by adopting digital signage for restaurants. Digital signage can be easily and quickly updated. By using digital signage, you don’t require printed menu cards for displaying new introduced dishes. It saves both time and the money spent on printing costs.

3. Increase Sales and Promote and Upsell New Menu Items

Digital signage is an easy and low cost way to promote new menu items. It helps makes newly introduced dishes popular in a short amount of time. More orders mean more sales. Surveys show that digital signage has boosted restaurant sales by nearly 23 percent. You can also upsell to the customers by displaying desserts or other specials and offering discounts on buying food items together.

4. Reduced Wait Times and Ordering Period

Digital signage for restaurants helps the customers decide on the menu earlier. Since the menu is already on the digital board accompanied with the images and videos of the dishes, it becomes easy for a diner to decide on what to eat. This saves time and makes more space available for waiting customers.

Waiting customers on the other hand can be entertained through digital signage devices. Play engaging content and videos in the waiting area to keep customers engrossed. You can use digital signage displays as gaming consoles too. By pairing up with mobile devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, waiting customers can play games on these devices. All these steps reduce perceived waiting time for customers.

5. Display Calorie Content and Reviews and Ratings

You can assist calorie conscious customers make better choices by displaying the calorie content of the food items featured. Your customers will appreciate this gesture and you get free word of mouth publicity and returning business too.

Continuing on the free publicity thread, you can also feature good reviews and ratings given by your customers on signage boards. You can collate positive reviews from review sites like Yelp! and other social media sites and display them on your screens.

6. Ease of Dayparting

Digital signage for restaurants can help you schedule menus for different times of day easily. You need not manually replace the menu cards from each table three times a day. You can schedule different menus that will automatically display at the requisite time. You can concentrate on your customers and on other necessary activities instead of fretting over replacing menu cards every few hours.


So, these are some of the advantages of having digital signage for restaurants. You connect visually with your patrons and focus more on customer service. Use digital signage solutions for delivering a great dining experience to your customers and increase profit margins in the process.

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