Digital signage is a method of communication for reaching out to an audience and advertising through a wide range of digital devices. These devices can include gadgets and instruments like LCD, LED, and projection screens. Digital signage can be applied in a wide range of designs and different modifications to inform and educate the audience. Since the digital signage market is expected to grow to $ 29.6 billion by 2024, let’s look into what it is and how it could help your business.

Main Elements of Digital Signage

Digital signage has three main components. These are:

a. Content – This could include text, images, graphics, animation, audio, and video displayed on the screens to convey messages to an audience.

b. Hardware – This includes digital screens like LCD and LED, mounts, media players, wiring, cameras, etc.

c. Software – The necessary program used to operate hardware and assemble, deploy, project, and analyze the content in an impactful way.

Applications of Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions can be used by any type of business but some businesses which use it prominently are automotive businesses, health care and clinics, retail stores, shopping malls, and the food and hospitality industry among others. Digital signage used by these businesses works as a beacon for customers to easily identify and locate the business.

Digital Signage-Display Locations

Digital signs can appear at all the places where the business gets to interact with customers or potential customers. These places will differ from businesses but can include the below mentioned locations.

a. At the entrance of the premises
b. Outside the premises
c. In dining areas
d. Waiting rooms and lobbies
e. Near Service counters and checkout lines
f. Near Product displays and several other locations

For maximum impact, check the locations where your customers tend to spend time or gather, check how the digital signs will be helpful for both the customers and businesses and install the signs there.

Digital Signage Solutions

Given below are some common and popular scenarios where digital signage applications are employed.

a. Wayfinding and guiding

Digital wayfinding guides visitors and customers through new surroundings and environments, whether they’re public areas like railway and bus stations or malls, superstores, and hospitals. This helps avoid confusion and saves time for both customers and staff. Business owners and administrators involved can also revise and update the information if and when required. The signage devices should be bigger and brighter in these scenarios with wide viewing angles easily visible from all directions. Use big LED and LCD digital screens and custom- made interactive touch displays for this purpose.

b. Digital Art

Digital signage is also used to create the right sort of ambiance in appropriate locations. It can be used in pubs, restaurants, and discs to project the right kind of atmosphere. It can be used in popular public places to promote art and culture as digital art installations. Use custom LED solutions and OLED displays for this purpose.

c. Digital Menu Boards

Restaurants and fine dining establishments frequently change their menus. Through digital signage solutions, an easy and enjoyable experience can be created for customers. Digital menu boards can display the new menu along with a video description of the food items and also be used to order through interactive displays installed at the sitting arrangements. It is already quite common in food chains and diners across Europe and the USA.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage offers a wide variety of benefits to customers and businesses alike. Some of these benefits are:

a. Decreased Virtual Wait Time

Digital signage provides entertainment through audio, video, and animation displays when placed in the waiting areas and check-out counters. Maybe the meeting will be a bit late, or the food order is taking more time to arrive, but the entertainment provided by digital screens will occupy the customer’s minds lead to a decreased perceived waiting time.

b. Improved Communication to Targeted Audiences

Information through visual channels is better assimilated, recalled, and remembered than through other means. Humans process visuals about sixty thousand times faster than text. Videos and visuals form a major part of digital signage. These are entertaining and easy to process and get the message across quickly.

c. Increased Revenue and Profits

Revenues and profits cou;d increase considerably by using digital signage. The advertisements and messages are more impactful and translate into more sales and increased revenue. The other avenue is lending your digital signage advertisement space to other non- competing businesses thus earning extra income. If your business venue is already popular, you can charge premium prices for advertising space.

d. Hassel Free Revisions and Modifications

For businesses which have to frequently change the services and offers or the menu items, as in the case of food chains, this is a heaven-sent opportunity. There is no more printing new brochures and leaflets and menu cards. Digital signage lets you easily and effortlessly change and update the information.

e. Getting a Positive and Modern Image

Businesses need to continually grow and keep themselves in pace with the times. Applying digital signage for your business lets the customers know that you are a modern thinking and forward-facing business and will employ cutting-edge solutions for their needs. This makes a favorable impression on the customers and helps you retain them and catch new customers too.


What is digital signage? We hope that the above article has helped you get the answer to this query. Digital signage is here to stay. To get the best out of digital signage, think about your goals and targets first. What is the result you want out of employing digital signage solutions? Is it to increase footfalls and sales or provide customer satisfaction and retaining customers? Once you decide on the end result then employ the digital signage best suited to that goal to get the results you want.

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