Ever noticed that sometimes you feel more comfortable shopping at certain stores than you do at others, even though they have similar products? Or find certain hotels more upscale than those in the same league? It’s not you. It’s the music.

Music has a way of getting under our skin, affecting our moods and our experiences. The right music played at the right time can affect your behavior much more than you would think. Whether we realise it or not, music dramatically alters how we perceive space. For example, a wine shop playing classical music might inspire an air of luxury and encourage a customer to spend more than they intended to initially.


Studies show the direct effect music can have on your business. Slow music played in a supermarket, interestingly,  had customers lingering for longer periods of time and so spending more. While fast music had customers browsing faster and doing less impulse buying. In the case of bars, the right music played at the right time of the day encouraged people to drink more. Conversely lack of music in public spaces tended to make people feel uncomfortable without them being able to pinpoint exactly why. Monitoring brand- matching music has also seen an almost 16% increase in buying additional items that the customer may not have purchased before.


Depending on the desired effect, it’s important to match your brand with the right music. The right music can leave your customers with an improved sense of well-being and satisfaction. So, think of your brand’s music personality as part of your business identity. By controlling the tempo, genre, pace and volume of your music you can also control your brands perception.


At Alenka, we take your brand needs into consideration before curating a playlist that is instrumental in the success of your business. Tailor made playlists to help create an atmosphere that fits the demographic you want to reach. With our expertise, we can help with music that will reflect and fit your brand identity. Soundscaping is an important influencer of customer behavior, we at Alenka understand that and will ensure all your sound needs are met.

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