It’s hard to imagine a bar or restaurant setting without background music. For many brands, the benefits have been clear for decades – but is in-store music on its own still enough to enhance your guests’ experiences?

Well, absolutely, if done right.

The right music is your secret weapon in creating good times, high fives and genuine connections with your client base – all factors that contribute to your bottom line. It’s an undeniable mood-setter that allows companies to provide an immersive experience that entices and engages customers – fostering the foundations of long-term loyalty.

Read on to learn about the benefits of integrating brand-matched background music into your establishment and how our service can help your business.

Your Employees

Recent research by MusicWorks and Mindlab has revealed that listening to music in the workplace radically improves the speed and accuracy of tasks. It also showed that 81% of participants completed their work fastest when music was playing and 9 out of 10 people performed better with background music.

The cause for this productivity boost, according to numerous studies, is credited to the mood enhancing properties of music. It’s a powerful stress-management tool that has a relaxing effect on employees’ minds.

This, in turn, leads to employee morale and satisfaction. Research by Digital Impressions has shown that companies with happy employees outperform those with unhappy employees by 12%. And as any business owner knows, happy employees make the best brand ambassadors.

Sales and Revenue

When a customer feels good in a space, they act differently within it.

According to a study by HUI Research, brand-matched music led to a 15.6% increase in customers buying additional items that they may not have purchased before. The 2017 survey of 2021 restaurants showed that customers responded well to a curated soundtrack which led to companies enjoying additional sales of up to 9% over the survey period.

The study proves that if business owners get their ambience and sound solutions right, they’ll have a space in which customers will want to linger longer and purchase more products – effectively leading to an increase in revenue and overall profitability.

Customer Experience

The most successful brands no longer sell products or services. They work in the business of personalised experiences, and music is a critical component of this model. Did you know that 84% of people believe that background music creates a good atmosphere?

It can make your customers feel welcomed when they enter, understood once inside, and more likely to return when they leave. It helps differentiate a company from the masses and is an essential part of on-ground marketing.

Brand Resonance

Today’s bars, hotels and restaurants put a lot of thought into cultivating their lighting, décor, menus and service. Their goals include creating an atmosphere to draw in new customers and turn them into long-term advocates. They put plenty of thought and money on visual identity, and often don’t pay enough attention to how they sound. Brand-matched music is a direct and cost-effective way of connecting with one’s audience on an emotional level and building rapport with a target market.

A carefully selected sound solution will not only set the mood for a business’ environment, but it can serve as an extension to a brand’s persona and ensure that customers leave their brick and mortar experience satisfied.

Brand loyalty

Did you know that 31% of customers would return to a business if the background music was right and that 21% would even recommend a company based on their auditory experiences?


When used strategically, background music has the ability to boost brand’s beyond restaurant walls, unite an audience, and positively influence the attitude of customers. It can also increase one’s sense of belonging to a brand and form long-term connections between a business and its clients.

Whether you’re a standalone brasserie or bistro, a fine dining or casual restaurant, we create the right soundscape for your customers. Write to us at or visit to know more about our audio solutions

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