In a business climate increasingly dominated by online retailers, smart music choices that enhance the in-store experience and resonate with customers have never been more important. The right in-store music can make your customers feel welcomed when they enter, understood once inside, and more likely to return when they leave. Here are some statistics that show how overhead music can impact your business.

51% of customers believe they spend more time browsing in stores that have music

Regardless of what your business is selling, being a successful retailer means offering more than just a good product. That’s where in store music comes in. From single site locations to international chains, curated playlists help create an atmosphere that encourages customers to linger longer, which in turn increases opportunities for sales and revenue.

78% of people say that listening to music in hotels makes them feel more relaxed

The objectives of any hotel are to maximise profits within an establishment and to create a great atmosphere for guests. In-store music is a critical element in making your customers feel welcome and at ease. Whether it’s during the check-in process, inside the guestrooms, at the restaurant, or in the bar, the background music your guests’ hear can influence their mindset, spending behaviours and their feelings towards your brand.

74% of people who have visited surgery waiting rooms feel less nervous when music is being played there

According to a study by David A. Tansik, overhead music in hospital waiting rooms resulted in decreased stress and increased relaxation for individuals present in the area in comparison to times when no music was utilized.

In an inherently traumatic environment, the right background music can make any medical waiting room a calmer, more pleasant place to be.

60% of gym members would be more loyal to a gym that played music

More often than not, the space in which gym goers exercise in and the tracks they listen to directly contributes to how much they enjoy their workouts. Whether its EDM or Top 40, a custom playlist helps fitness enthusiasts disconnect from the unpleasant feelings of activity, decreases their perceived levels of exertion and encourages them to move rhythmically, leading to a smoother gym experience and fewer injuries.

68% of business owners believe that music encourages repeat business

Did you know that acquiring a new customer costs 6X more than keeping an existing one? A well thought out audio strategy has the power to turn one-time customers into true advocates.

81% of business owners agreed that employees perform better when listening to music

In modern offices and agencies, silence isn’t golden.

With a curated playlist, your employees will be happier to come into work and more receptive to their coworkers. Its a fantastic, cost-efficient tool to boost productivity too!

24% of consumers are more likely to make purchases when they hear music they like

Because when customers feel good in a space, they act differently within it.


Brand-matched music in the food and beverage sector could boost sales by 9%

Whether its increasing footfall, encouraging dwell time or even boosting drink purchases, overhead music can have a quantifiable impact on how your business is doing.

Whether its increasing footfall, encouraging dwell time or even boosting drink purchases, overhead music can have a quantifiable impact on how your business is doing.

Businesses spend plenty of thought and money on visual identity, but what about how they sound?

In any industry, a well-defined musical identity can help provide a consistent customer experience, enhance brand recall, and differentiate your brand from its competitors. And when used strategically, in-store music has the ability to bridge borders, unite demographics, and serve as an incredible cross-cultural language.

It’s hard to argue with numbers, especially when they all point to benefiting your bottom line.

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