Differentiate your business with customised background music that gives your establishment the competitive edge. With both copyright and royalty free music, we can offer your business a solution that works for you and your customers. No matter where you are, with our cloud based system, you will always have the music you need when and where you need it.

Lobbies and Waiting Areas

Most people form an impression about your business in the first place they interact with you. Your lobby or waiting area. So just as you’ve taken care to have comfortable furniture for them to sit in, you should also be planning what they’ll hear while they wait.


The music you play will say a lot about your business and the brand image it portrays. Much as we all liked the film, and agree that Celine Dion is a diva, do you really want the first impression you give visitors to be the pan pipes version of the theme about a sinking ship? What you want is music that provides a calm space where visitors can gather their thoughts while they wait. The right music can even make that waiting time seem like a lot less.

The role of music in a waiting area is to do just that. Make people feel less like they’re waiting for something, and to reduce agitation. Whether you’re a medical professional or a business executive, having a calm person walk into a meeting with you is far more preferable to someone who’s been climbing your walls while they waited.

We have music for doctors’ waiting rooms, hospital lobbies, office buildings, and yes, even elevators. Whether you need to soothe your customer’s nerves or speed up movement, we have the right background music for all these spaces.

Did you know:

88% of patients in doctors’ waiting rooms say music improves their mood.

83% of people waiting in a lobby say music relaxes them.

Benefits and Features

  • 150 genres to suit every business need.
  • Choose music from a selection of 25 languages.
  • Mainstream licensed music gives you a choice of millions of songs.
  • Wide range of royalty free genres without the hassle of licenses and copyright.
  • Custom curated playlists to engage customers.
  • Daypart music with different genres, moods and styles at different times of day or days of week based on customer profile.
  • Customised content for each outlet based on location and demographics.
  • Include advertisements and announcements to improve revenue generation.
  • Target promotions across your network or only to specific locations.
  • Instant updates – with our cloud based system, control what’s playing in each location, make changes, and monitor players from anywhere in the world.
  • No Streaming – with Alenka’s Smart Music platform you’re always playing music without worrying about buffering or getting disconnected.
  • Smart Media player for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS platforms.