Have you ever been in a silent store? You may not be able to tell what’s wrong with it at first but the discomfort is something that will hit you immediately. As a customer, you may not realise the seemingly obvious effect background music has on your behaviour but as a retailer, you’ll be sure to feel its impact on your business.

The right music can attract and keep customers in your store as well as optimise their shopping experience. Background music isn’t just for stepping in and filling that awkward silence. It’s a tool for improving your customer’s experience and even your sales.

Creating the right in-store ambience is important.  Depending on your brand image and product, a carefully curated playlist can make all the difference. By finding music that suits your brand you could boost your business performance.

One study investigated the effect of playing Top-40 pop music versus classical music in a wine store and found that adults were more likely to buy the expensive bottles of wine when the latter was played. But now imagine that same classical music playing in a clothing store dedicated to teens. It isn’t just awkward. It could be harming your business.


But it isn’t enough to stereotype a generation into a genre type. Things like tempo, volume, and language all play a big role while selecting music. A field experiment proved that louder music led to people spending less time in a store shopping, while slower music caused them to linger but make no impulse buys.

The same way volume affected store goers, tempo affected peoples purchasing patterns. Up-tempo music can make people impulse buy whereas slow-tempo music could make people spend more on a product, leading them to buy products which are of better quality or more expensive.

So how does one zero in on the type of music to fit their brand? Whether it’s to increase add-on sales, sell higher quality products, be memorable, or create loyalty in customers, all these things can be attained through music. Once you’ve established the desired result from your store, we step in to help you achieve it.

Alenka’s playlist curators ensure that the right music plays at the right time of day and for the right audience, tailoring playlists for your clientele. Not only does our technology ensure that your clients feel like you’re engaging with them in the desired way, but the right playlists can also help in employee efficiency.

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