Differentiate your business with customised background music that gives your establishment the competitive edge. With both copyright and royalty free music, we can offer your business a solution that works for you and your customers. No matter where you are, with our cloud based system, you will always have the music you need when and where you need it.


Let’s face it. Very few of your guests are going to walk into your lobby before check-in, with a bounce in their step. They’ve probably gotten off a long flight or have had a tiring day at work. What they want is an oasis of calm. The last thing they need is your receptionist’s favourite death metal playlist assaulting their ears.


You’ve put a lot of thought into the architecture and design of your hotel to make it a unique space for today’s traveller. You need to have that same thought go into the music you play in your spaces. 

The lobby has its own ambience, the restaurants and bars their own as well. The music needs to be customised for each of them to make a unique impression.

Begin with the lobby. That’s where you’ll make the first statement that tells guests who you are as a hotel. Whether it’s classical or classic rock, use music that exudes calm without sending them into a stupor. The right mood can even make wait times more tolerable, reducing guests’ impatience and the number of complaints your staff receive.

In restaurants, research shows that slower music makes people eat slower. That often means longer time spent at the table and greater spends on drinks. At breakfast, on the other hand, you may want to pump up the pace a little to get people eating, and leaving, faster to avoid that morning crush.

And while you want to pump it up at the gym, with music carefully chosen for the optimal beats per minute, the poolside and the spa are where guests go to relax with subliminal sounds.

Just as you have different menus and service at different times of the day, the music you play should also have its own dayparts. After all, 7 am in the coffee shop needs a different energy from 7 pm, and Sunday brunch is very different from breakfast on Tuesday.

Alenka provides specialised audio services to hotels, resorts, and motels internationally. We design customised soundscapes as background music for properties and outlets to enhance the living and dining experience for guests.

Did you know:

78% of people agree that music in hotels makes them feel more relaxed

75% of hotel guests like to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces

61% of hotel guests are more likely to consume more food and drink when they hear music they like in a hotel 

55% of guests say they want to hear different music in different parts of the hotel

Benefits and Features

  • 150 genres to suit every business need.
  • Choose music from a selection of 25 languages.
  • Mainstream licensed music gives you a choice of millions of songs.
  • Wide range of royalty free genres without the hassle of licenses and copyright.
  • Custom curated playlists to engage customers.
  • Daypart music with different genres, moods and styles at different times of day or days of week based on customer profile.
  • Customised content for each outlet based on location and demographics.
  • Include advertisements and announcements to improve revenue generation.
  • Target promotions across your network or only to specific locations.
  • Instant updates – with our cloud based system, control what’s playing in each location, make changes, and monitor players from anywhere in the world.
  • No Streaming – with Alenka’s Smart Music platform you’re always playing music without worrying about buffering or getting disconnected.
  • Smart Media player for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS platforms.