Augmented reality allows brands to create an immersive user experience in the hands of customers, whether in stores, at home, or even outdoors. Alenka’s AR app gives customers a unique and personalised experience, increasing interaction with brands and products, and multiplying sales.

What is AR?

Augmented reality (AR) is a visual medium that merges reality with real-world elements. It acts as an overlay that helps bring to life an object that exists around us with the help of additional images/video. As differentiated from virtual reality that immerses you into its technology, this format is from a distanced perspective.


How does it work?

Without having to invest in any additional equipment, users can engage with this technology by using an app on their smartphones or by scanning a QR code. Using the phone camera with programmed images or markers, a virtual image/video is created on the smartphone screen, bringing an object to the forefront.

Benefits and Features

  • Instant interaction across platforms – print, digital and video
  • Allow customers to “try before they buy” across product lines
  • Generate calls to action and direct customers to websites, online stores and social media accounts
  • Change augmented content in real time from our cloud servers
  • Promote local campaigns, customised for regions and locations
  • Take potential buyers through virtual walkthroughs
  • View products in real world locations
  • Introduce the “wow” factor to all your campaigns
  • Interact with customers directly on their own devices
  • Include media like videos, animations and 3D models


Augmented reality lets retailers offer virtual trials, enhanced information, multimedia engagement and dynamic promotions on the shop floor and even in customers’ homes.


Offer enhanced menus, entertain guests, promote complementary items and provide dynamic information on services with minimal costs.

Real Estate

Take potential buyers through virtual visits and walkthroughs of properties, highlight key features and provide immersive experiences through print and digital advertisements, brochures and websites.

Consumer Brands

Make your products leap off the shelves with more information, show actual usage, give customers innovative ideas of how to consume your brands, and increase sales over competing brands.


From “how to” videos to installation guides, give customers all the information they need to use your products at their full potential.

Watch AR Video samples