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We’ve been providing in store radio and background music for shops, malls, gyms, spas, hotels, restaurants and bars for 20 years. We’ve created customer experiences through soundscaping and digital signage solutions with great content, unique programming and the right technology.

We programme in over 25 languages and 150 genres, so we can offer you the music you need for your entire worldwide chain. Add digital signage and augmented reality to the mix, and we have everything you need to create a unique customer experience, all under one roof.


Content Customization

Technology that lets you talk.

Content can be customised for regions, cities, brand formats and individual outlets. You can even customise visual content to be delivered for every screen, providing visual reinforcement where it’s needed. Our cloud based technology means you don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time; a huge saving in bandwidth costs. Switch it on once, and then forget about it. Let your staff focus on sales, not sight and sound.


Music, Digital Signage and Augmented Reality Services.

What we do

Sensory Sight and Sound

Our in store radio and digital signage networks provide customised content delivery, with dayparts that create the right mood every day of the week. Our AR platform extends your reach to customers wherever they are.

1. Music Services

We create programming unique to you, catering to your specific music requirements, so you never sound the same as the place next door.

2. Digital Signage Services

Our digital signage platform engages customers with your content, social media feeds and interactive displays encouraging spends through a distinctive visual experience.

3. Augmented Reality Services

Our AR platform lets you engage with customers both in your location and in their homes, enhancing all your communication with eye catchingcontent that grabs their attention.

Branding, Content...

What we can do for you



We work with our customers to create an audio and video experience that’s unique to each one. Working across a range of media, we help immerse consumers in your brand’s identity. And since we can customise that identity for each individual location and screen, you can be sure it’s always the right communication that reaches them.



Whether it’s customised music and video channels or in-store messaging, we can help you develop your brand building strategy.

Audience Measurement and Campaign Effectiveness

Audience Measurement and Campaign Effectiveness

Business intelligence helps retailers monitor and measure customer behavior to optimise sales strategy. With Alenka’s reporting capabilities, retailers can use big data to measure customers’ response to content and its impact on sales to generate business insights.

Our technology


Download our software on your existing computer or device, and get all the benefits of our cloud based platform without having to invest in new hardware. All you need is an amplifier and speakers for audio, or a television screen for video signage.

The headphone output on your computer, laptop or tablet is all you need. An audio cable from that will connect to your amplifier. The amplifier needs to be able to accept input from an external source. Typically, you’d connect to your AUX or CD input.

Smart Music
Smart Signage

Don’t have the right hardware? We can help you get it.

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